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Sunday, February 2, 2020

How to open a BTC account

People have increased their interest in searching for winning opportunities on the Internet in addition to having fun through social media, and there has been a rush to profit methods, and many sites that provide this have appeared, such as betting sites that are spreading, especially in countries that prohibit betting games on the ground. Trading foreign money and its role emerged after the invention of an official currency for it that can be traded and profitable, including "Bitcoin" (BTC), which is considered one of the highest priced currencies, as it surpasses the dollar, the euro and other currencies. But what is Bitcoin? How to open a Bitcoin account? What is the extent of benefit and profit from this account? This is what we will mention in this topic for those looking for bitcoin and opening an account in it.

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What is BTC?
It is a cryptocurrency that is used on the Internet that cannot be used in stores, cafes and other real places in the real world unless these stores and others deal in this currency, as it is a decentralized electronic currency that is not at the disposal of any banks, parties or governments that derive their power from people The policy of supply and demand is the one that controls it, a global currency that can be converted into any other currency, but it retains its value, as it is considered the easiest and best electronic currency and has a wonderful future.

You may need to open an actual Bitcoin account for your benefit from it, as you will find many online product selling sites offering a 10% reduction in the price of their product if you pay with Bitcoin, it is really an attractive and useful thing, and regardless of this point, you will find that Bitcoin has many advantages, including the following:

The transfer in Bitcoin (btc) is done directly without the need for an intermediary, i.e. between the seller and the buyer directly.
Taxes on transfers are very low compared to other currencies.
Used in any country in the world.
You are the only owner of your account, so no party or anyone can freeze your account.
There are no limits to transfers.
The process of opening a BTC account
In order to get all the previous advantages, you must have an account in one of the electronic banks that specialize in these currencies, and the Block Chain bank is one of the most famous banks that deal in this currency, and registering with Block Chain bank and opening an account in it is one of the easiest banks and you can withdraw your balance on it from Any company that deals with Bitcoin currency and you can deal directly with the online electronic banking broker, and here are the steps to register and open a Bitcoin account:

You must enter the bank via its link,
After entering from the link of the bank, you will find the page for creating an account or a new wallet in Block Chain Bank.
In order for you to receive Bitcoin, you must type your email address and password.
You must be sure that the password is correct and that it is good and safe, that is, it consists of letters and numbers in the English language, then choose the word continue, which means complete, and click on it.
After completing these steps, an important page will appear for you with a very important sentence, which is the only key to your password and your account in a Block Chain bank. It must be kept away from anyone, preferably in a special external paper, and you should not keep it on the computer or the affiliate e-mail. You to ensure confidentiality.
After these procedures, click on the word Continue, and then you will find the bank automatically opens the login page for you, and you will find a confirmation message on your email that the account has been activated.
You will find the “Link” link to enter and the link to activate your e-mail and “Confirmation Code”, which is the code that you will write when withdrawing and depositing in your e-wallet, keep it with the rest of the previous information.
After the previous steps, you will find a link to activate your e-mail on your e-mail, click on it, and the bank will direct you to a confirmation page, and with this the e-mail will be confirmed successfully.
Click on the word "Login Now". The login page for your Block Chain Bank account will appear. You will find the login name automatically.
Register your password and enter your account in the bank, after that you will find your home page started and you will find your code at the bottom of the page. Keep it as your code and you will use it with the rest of the companies that deal with electronic currency (Bitcoin) to receive money on it, and thus it was completed And activate the Bitcoin digital currency account.
How Bitcoin Works
Bitcoin (btc) is a smart currency that you can convert into another currency you want, whether the dollar, the euro or any other currency. After collecting bitcoins through grants or selling a specific product, they are added to your online account and you can access them and learn how they are going through your mobile phone. At any time you want to exchange it, you will find many companies and exchanges working in this field.

How to buy BTC
Bitcoin is the currency of the future and it is a fun and available way for everyone who has a Bitcoin account and has a special code for it. You can put your code in the program for the currency and then specify the amount to be paid and then the amount is sent to the desired site and you can buy what you need, and this is of course the same way to receive money To your account.

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How to deposit into a Bitcoin account?
In order for you to deposit into the bitcoin account that you opened, you must have another account that you can transfer from, then choose to deposit Bitcoin, then enter the value of the number to be deposited, and then click on Continue, your email address must be registered so that you can contact you In the event that a problem occurs, after clicking on Continue, processing will begin by a third party to complete the Bitcoin transaction, then the window will be loaded.

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